The Smart Coop with Steel Run

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The Smart Coop with Steel Run
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Premium design, meticulous craftsmanship and modern technology meets down-on-the-farm charm: Introducing Coop, the first-ever smart coop for backyard chickens. Protect, harvest and tend to your flock -- right from your phone. Built for aspiring micro farmers, city dwellers, and lifelong chicken people. Our Coop lives anywhere you do.

Choose between our Elevated Smart Coop and our Elevated Smart Coop + Run. You rule your roost, we just give you the freedom of options.

- EggsteinAI requires compatible iOS/macOS/iPadOS device
- 2.4 GHz WIFI frequency band required for camera
- Android devices not supported

  • Accommodates up to 6 chickens
  • Run & Roost Cameras: 24/7 live streams, 1080p clarity, real-time alerts, and smart recording-never miss a moment.
  • Smart Door: Sunrise to sunset automatic operation for daily chicken comfort and effortless convenience. Enjoy hassle-free poultry care.
  • CluckWatch Predator Detection: Perfected with 7 million images of common threats, our system identifies and deters predators so you can relax.
  • Always-On App Control: Manage your coop from anywhere with real-time monitoring and controls-keeping you in the loop, anytime, anywhere.
  • Climate Smart Durability: Built with double-walled, Yeti-grade material and ventilation for cool summers and warm winters, anywhere.
  • Snap, slide, and toss for 30-second cleanings with our patented Quick-Clean Litter Trays. Each Smart Coop includes a starter pack of 6 free trays.
  • Heavy Duty Run: 82lbs of predator-tough steel, with a run door for free-ranging.
Dimensions & Weight
Overall Dimensions 100.9" L x 31.96" W x 54.8" H
The Coop (Internal) Dimensions 30” L x 27.5” W x 32.79” H
Nesting Box (Internal) Dimensions 11” L x 13.9” W x 10” H
Roosting Bar Length 30.2 in
Run & Base Perimeter 90.4” L x 31.2” W
Run & Base Mesh Pattern 3” x 1” vertical rectangle
Base Height 18 in
Overall Weight 172 lbs
Power Requirements
Automatic Door Power AA Battery (x2)

3 - 7 days

We can only ship within the contiguous United States, or the 48 adjoining U.S. states and the District of Columbia. We are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes, as well as Hawaii, Alaska, U.S military addresses, the U.S. territories, or anywhere internationally.

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The Coop is the world’s best chicken coop, and we stand by that statement. Premium design, meticulous craftsmanship, and modern technology - all in one, and all brought to life by true chicken people. Our mission is to put chickens on Mars, and we’ve started by designing the Coop for every backyard, every environment, and everybody ranging from amateur to expert. Take full confidence in, and control over, your backyard chicken farming journey and order the Coop today.

Product features

  • Accommodates 4 to 6 chickens
    28 square feet of total floor space, 2 nesting areas, and 60 inches of roosting space
  • Exterior and interior smart cameras
    Crisp 1080p streaming, remote monitoring, and smart event recording and notifications for 24/7 chicken farmer bliss
  • Automated, smart coop door
    Automatically opens with sunrise and closes with sunset, and comes with one-tap manual override
  • Dual compartment, lockable nesting box
    Side-by-side compartments measured to fit most standard, pre-cut nesting pads
  • Dual internal roosting bars
    60 inches of raised and protected roosting space
  • Smart-design ventilation and insulation
    Upper and lower ventilation for hot summers, and double-walled paneling for cold winters
  • Attachable, inside/outside feeder and waterer
    Upper and lower ventilation for hot summers, and double-walled paneling for cold winters
  • Full-size, swinging access doors
    Side hinged for easy open and wide access to the inside, and lockable for both climate and pest protection
  • Attached walk-in run
    Heavy-duty steel weld mesh to keep predators out, while giving you an easy way to access the inside
  • Elevated base and ladder
    Raised 18 inches off the ground with a convenient way for your chickens to get in and out

The Coop comfortably accommodates 4 to 6 chickens by providing 28 square feet of total floor space, 2 nesting areas, and 60 inches of roosting space.

We’ve designed the Coop for any and every yard it can fit in! Ideally, you are able to place your Coop under partial tree cover, orient the Automatic Door to the North, and keep the Coop within 100-150 feet of a 2.4GHz network. It is also helpful for your Coop to be reachable by hose for easy refilling of waterers and coop cleaning. Don’t forget to double check your local and city ordinances for any special requirements you might need to follow!

We've designed the Coop for nearly any and every climate! We've focused on the materials, manufacturing process, and physical design to account for everything like ventilation for hotter periods, insulation for colder periods, and how everything fits together for wetter periods.

We like to say, “Backyard chickens aren't rocket science, they're just a labor of love!” On a daily basis, you'll need to check and refresh feed and water, collect eggs, and observe your chickens’ behavior and health. The Automatic Door takes care of letting your chickens out every morning and securing them every night. If you wish to range your flock outside of the Attached Run, you'll of course need to let them out and get them back into the run before dusk.

The short answer is “everything”! Their dietary needs will change based on age, as well as type (layer vs. meat) though, and there are all sorts of feeds out there to answer for this variety. Don’t forget that your chickens can also help you reduce your household’s organic waste by eating your scraps and leftovers!

An active chicken that is of laying age will eat about ¼ of a pound of feed daily. It is important for your flock to also receive both calcium and grit supplementation (either from you or the environment) for strong eggshells and healthy digestion, respectively.

It varies by breed, but actively laying hens, on average, produce about 1 egg per day. Hens begin to lay eggs around 18-22 weeks old. Peak egg production will last for 3 to 4 years, while the average life expectancy of a chicken is 8 to 10 years.

There are three types of chickens (laying birds, meat birds, and dual purpose birds) and the vast majority in backyards are layers or dual purpose birds. There are then countless breeds for each, all coming with varying features and traits, such the coloring of their plumage, how many eggs they lay, or the color and size of those eggs. No matter what you end up choosing, go with what gives you the most of what makes you happy or helps you accomplish the level of sustainability you’re trying to achieve.
Dimensions & Weight
Overall Dimensions 100.9" L x 31.96" W x 54.8" H
The Coop (Internal) Dimensions & Volume
  • 30” L x 27.5” W x 32.79” H
  • 5.72 square feet
  • 13.95 cubic feet
Nesting Box (Internal) Dimensions & Volume
  • 11” L x 13.9” W x 10” H
  • 1 square foot
  • 0.9 cubic foot
(each compartment)
Roosting Bar Length 30.2 inches
(each bar)
Run & Base Perimeter
  • 90.4” L x 31.2” W
  • 19.6 square feet
Run & Base Mesh Pattern 3” x 1” vertical rectangle
Base Height 18 inches
Overall Weight 172 lbs
The Coop Weight 87 lbs
Run & Base Weight 82 lbs
Automatic Door / Roost & Run Cams Weigh 3 lbs
Power Requirements
Roost & Run Cameras Rechargeable 9000 mAh Battery
(each charge lasts 30+ days)
Automatic Door Power AA Battery (x2)
(up to 1 year of operation)
The Coop Double-walled, recyclable plastic
Run & Base Powder coated, corrosion resistant, heavy-duty steel
Assembly Required Yes
Tools Included Yes
Product Warranty Yes
Warranty Length 2 years
Full or Limited? Full
Commercial Warranty No
Country of Origin
The Coop U.S.A
Automatic Door / Roost & Run Cams / Run & Base Imported