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About our flock

Howdy. We're coop.

We're a group of bonafide chicken people who love our backyard birds just as much as you do. So much so, we made a business out of it.

Person holding a chicken

How'd we hatch?

If you're Texan, you'll remember the freeze of 2021. The storm, dubbed 'snowmagedon,' brought serious challenges for us locals -- especially ranchers and farmers. This hatched an idea, an idea that had been incubating in coop co-founder AJ Forysthe's brain for a while: a smart chicken coop to make backyard farming simply better. We can control every light switch, lock and doggy door with the tap of a button on our phones, what about our pet that lays an egg?

And with that, the idea of coop, a smart, automated chicken coop for backyard flocks, took flight.

The coop with a basket of eggs

Back up a bit. Do you know anything about chickens?

Thankfully for our 26 backyard chickens, yes. We collectively have 30+ years of raising chickens. It all started when coop co-founder and CEO AJ Forysthe rescued a chicken from Chinatown in Los Angeles, raising it in his tiny college apartment. But that's a story for another day.

Close up of the exterior

So, why did we really build coop? Glad you asked.

We're a small but mighty team of five, all with decently extensive tech backgrounds. At this point in our careers, we all share a very important trait: we want to build stuff that matters.

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If we can build something to reconnect people

with the food on their plates and the dirt under their feet...

Hatching our coop

We spent more than 10,000 hours designing our chicken coop. Which is hilarious.

Engineered for optimal user experience. Feathered or not.